A Collective Review of West Virginia Author Kathleen Jacobs

In anticipation of the release of Kathleen Jacobs' new YA novel, Betsy Blossom Brown, I put together this collective review of all of her current YA novels and poetry works. Kathleen has a true gift that she shares with readers in each an every book, both young and old. Kathleen's work can be purchased on Amazon.com. To find out more about Kathleen go check out her website https://www.kathleenmjacobs.com and follow her on Instagram at @kathleenm.jacobs.

Marble Town

Marble Town follows the life of thirteen-year-old Cole Atwater whose mother was killed in an automobile accident when he was ten. Through mysterious clues left throughout the historic cemetery his mother tended, the story becomes one of hope, healing, and redemption. Though this is a middle grade read, as an adult reader, I was still just as engrossed in the story. Kathleen’s writing style is eloquent enough for its intended youthful audience to easily comprehend the story but still allows for an adult reader to be transported to a place of youthful understanding. Kathleen sets scenes and creates characters with a descriptive ease that encourages the reader’s imagination and resonates long after the book is finished. Though this novel is a quick read with only 110 pages, it does not fail to evoke many emotions throughout each chapter. It will be an insightful and suspenseful read for youthful readers, and is sure to be an endearing tale to the adults who read this book. See my full review of Marble Town here, https://www.mountainmamabookreviews.com/blog/marble-town .

Honeysuckle Holiday

Honeysuckle Holiday follows the life of 12-year old Lucy in the 1960's, who struggles to come to terms with her parents' mysterious divorce. As Lucy, along with her mother and sisters, move to the south, she finds herself in an extremely different world than the comfortable and privileged life she once had. Lucy begins to learn the painful intricacies of life as she tries to find her independence, and keep herself and her family together. It addresses the layers of human frailty and brings to light the cultural climate of the 1960's and 70's. This novel is honest and true to the cultural and societal norms that were perpetuated in a time of racism and inequality.  Honeysuckle Holiday was a quick but satisfying read, with well developed characters and a story that truly makes one consider the strength of the human spirit and the unbreakable bonds of friendship and love. See my full review of Honeysuckle Holiday on the Author Spotlight page, https://www.mountainmamabookreviews.com/author-spotlight.

​The Puppeteer of Objects: A Lyrical Poem

The Puppeteer of Objects asks the question, "What might objects see in us as they set their gaze?" rather than what might we see in them. Through the exploration of twelve seemingly inanimate objects, the reader is invited to peel back their intricate layers to reveal the voice behind these mute, yet ever-faithful friends. The Puppeteer of Objects uses powerful imagery and elegant prose to send a message of reflection. The Puppeteer of Objects is a quick but filling read. It evokes a sense of self-awareness by using the most seemingly inanimate objects, for example, a train or a mask. Throughout the book I connected to each object but found my favorite was the compass. The Puppeteer of Objects is insightful and whimsical, and is truly a work of poetry to be savored. As always, Kathleen’s works allow us to see into her own journey as well as reflect upon our own. 

Collected Curiosities: Poems, Essays, & Opinions

Collected Curiosities is a collection of beautifully written poems, essays, & opinions that are sure to inspire the creative mind. Every one of Kathleen’s books has a personal touch that creates a connection to anyone who reads its pages. However, Collected Curiosities is the most personal piece of Kathleen’s I have read, and it is easy to see Kathleen’s love of penmanship, detail, honesty, and imagination in this collection. Collected Curiosities is a wonderful addition to any poetry lover’s bookshelf. 

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