Beach Reads: Whisper Me This & Cottage by the Sea

Whisper Me This

Whisper Me This, by Kerry Anne King, is a Washington Post bestseller and has received rave reviews online from readers and other authors. In Whisper Me This, Maisey Addington’s life is torn apart after her mother falls into a coma, and her father is accused of abuse and neglect. As Maisey tries to make a life-or-death decision, she discovers an unspeakable family secret. While back at her childhood home, Maisey must find a way to get her and her family's lives back to normal as she struggles with the dilemmas she faces as a mother and a daughter. Along Maisey's journey she develops a special connection to a fireman and his family that gives her the strength to stand her ground and move forward in her search for the truth. Kerry Anne King develops complex characters in Whisper Me This which is the most riveting part of the book. Just when you think you know a character something happens to make you think differently.

One theme evident in this novel, is the role that abuse and neglect plays in the lives of the characters. Though at times I personally felt it to be too intense or dramatized, it was essential in the story as it provided a common connection between all of the female characters. Kerry Anne King has a very conscientious take on portraying the emotional and physical abuse the women experience, and how difficult it is to escape the trenches of domestic violence. King proves that the bonds between family and the love that is shared is more powerful than the abuse and violence that is experienced, which provides a hopeful outlook. Though Whisper Me This is considered to be a psychological thriller, I found it be more complex as it incorporated touches of mystery, romance, and drama. I genuinely enjoyed the novel, and found myself absorbed in finding out more of the story and getting to know the characters. The complexities of the story and the interactions between the characters makes Whisper Me This a fascinating and genuine novel that would be enjoyed by all readers.

Book: Whisper Me This

Author: Kerry Anne King

Hardcover: 349 pages

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing; Reprint edition (August 1, 2018)

Purchasing Information: Bought from for $15.99.

While we were walking to the beach it was difficult to ignore the beauty that surrounded us. The flowers, the trees, the water, and the animals were such a beautiful sight. Since I had my book with me to read on the beach I snapped this photo of the book against one of the many beautiful flowers on the island.

Cottage by the Sea

I bought Cottage by the Sea, by Debbie Macomber, because it had four and a half stars on Amazon reviews, and quite frankly seemed fitting for a honeymoon at the beach. Debbie Macomber is a New York Times best selling author, so it is difficult to go wrong with one of her novels. This novel in particular, in addition to the many books Debbie Macomber has written over the years, has received fantastic reviews. The main character, Annie Marlow, is faced with a life altering tragedy that leaves her hopeless and helpless. As she seeks to mend her broken spirit she goes back to a place that had provided joy and love in her younger age. While in Oceanside, the town that brought her so many beautiful memories, Annie finds herself creating new memories and connections of her own. The people she meets along the way help to put the pieces of her life back together. Annie begins to fall for Keaton, a local painter who only has eyes for Annie. She also develops a friendship with Mellie, her landlord who is a spitfire recluse, and Britt, a young teenager who works at the local coffee shop. Cottage by the Sea is truly a heart warming tale of connection, unlikely friendships, and love.

Though I don't often choose romantic stories, Cottage by the Sea was an easy and enjoyable read. When I first started to read the novel, I told my husband that I didn't think I would like it because it was overly romantic, however, when I finished the novel in two days he sarcastically laughed, and said, "Yeah, it looks like you really didn't like it". I have come to find that sometimes the books I don't think I will enjoy end up being some of my favorites. Though this wasn't a top favorite for me, it still was a fun, touching, and delightful read. The setting (the beach) in which I read it was perfect, because it allowed me to feel like I was where the story took place. Even though I am sure most readers will be reading in their homes and not in a beach chair by the ocean, it will still be just as satisfying of a novel. Debbie Macomber has a knack for writing characters with their own quirks and personalities, which makes for a pleasurable read. Cottage by the Sea will certainly be enjoyed by those who truly love romantic stories, and it will be also be enjoyed by readers, like me, who are not so quick to go with a romantic pick.

Book: Cottage by the Sea

Author: Debbie Macomber

Hardcover: 352 pages

Publisher: Ballantine Books (July 17, 2018)

Purchasing Information: Bought from for $15.45 but prices have lowered to $14.65.

While sitting at the pool, which faced the harbor, I snapped a picture of the book before diving in to read it. I find that reading by the water, whether it be the ocean, a harbor, or a pool, to be so peaceful and relaxing!

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