The Dublin Murder Squad Series

A few weeks ago I finished The Trespasser by Tana French, the latest, and possibly the final, addition to the Dublin Murder Squad series authored by French. For the past few years I have read these novels in between other books as a go to break from other genres. The Dublin Murder Squad series is a must have for any mystery and crime genre fan. I read the first novel of the series, In the Woods, and then read the fifth novel of the series, The Secret Place, without realizing that books were a series. After this realization, I went back to reading the second novel, The Likeness, and then continued reading Faithful Place, Broken Harbor, and finished with The Trespasser. Readers do not necessarily have to read the books in order, as each book only has small parts for recurring characters, but it is interesting to see how those characters progress throughout each book. The only two books sharing major characters is The Secret Place and The Trespasser, which should be read in order. All six books of the Dublin Murder Squad Series offer interesting characters and unique plots. Each novel is intriguing and complex, making each one an unpredictable and enjoyable read.

In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad 1)

In the Woods is the debut novel of the Dublin Murder Squad series featuring Adam Ryan a murder detective working on the murder of a little girl. Detective Ryan's past eerily intertwines with that of the murder victim, as she is found at the exact place where two of his childhood friends had disappeared. While trying to find her killer, Adam struggles to separate the two cases as he secretly tries to uncover the mysteries of his past.

The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad 2)

In The Likeness, after Detective Cassie Maddox leaves the Murder squad, she is called to a murder scene where the victim shockingly resembles her. Not only is the resemblance uncanny, but there are connections to the case that are unimaginable. With no leads or clues into this murder, Cassie is offered the opportunity to go undercover to tempt the killer out of hiding. In her new undercover job she finds it more difficult to balance work and her personal life leading the lines of reality to blur.

Faithful Place (Dublin Murder Squad 3)

In Faithful Place, Detective Frank Mackey is forced to go back to his hometown and reconnect with his dysfunctional family due to the discovery of something from his past. Twenty years prior, Frank had planned on running away with his then girlfriend, Rosie, but on the night they planned to run away she never showed up and was never heard from again. Her disappearance was a question mark left in Frank's life and in the town of Faithful Place. Now with the recent discovery of her belongings, Frank is faced with questions from his past and complications of his future.

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad 4)

In the fourth novel of the Dublin Murder Squad series, Broken Harbor, two children and their father are found murdered in their home, and the mother is taken to intensive care. The detective squad's star detective, Scorcher Kennedy, is given the case in hopes for a quick solve. But Scorcher quickly finds out that there are too many unanswered questions, and too many unexplained details. Though the crime occurred in a half-built and abandoned suburbia, this case is close to home for Scorcher, as Broken Harbor was once a place where his family would go on vacation. This case quickly turns into a tangled mess for Scorcher as he is forced to face his family's secrets while figuring out this complex murder.

The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad 5)

The Secret Place details Detective Stephen Moran's rise on the force, as his latest case could potentially move him onto the Murder squad. Stephen responds to Holly Mackey, the daughter of Frank Mackey, who shows up to his squad room with a photograph and a story. The previous year, a student from the neighboring boys' school, was found murdered. In the Secret Place - the school noticeboard where the students can post anonymous secrets - Holly found a card that could lead to the killer. Though this case offers Stephen an opportunity to excel his career, he must maintain professionalism and keep his wits as he finds his way into the mysterious lives of those who could potentially be the killer.

The Trespasser (Dublin Murder Squad 6)

The Trespasser follows Antoinette Conway, a murder detective considered new to the squad though she had been a "Murder D" for almost two years. She is the tough and strong willed female of the crew, yet she continues to catch flack and be harassed by the older detectives on the squad. As she tries to avoid reaching her breaking point and maneuver her way around being stuck with domestic violence cases for the rest of her career, her and her partner Stephen Moran catch a case that turns out to be far from a simple domestic dispute. The harassment she experiences by her coworkers make her more paranoid than ever, especially on this case. As Antoinette tries to find the killer, she is forced to answer questions that could lead her off the force.

One benefit of the series is that readers have six novels to enjoy Tana French's writing. French is a brilliant author, becoming one of the top mystery and suspense authors of our time. She has the ability to bring characters to life, allowing readers to connect to the story in a personal way. Of course each book is the same genre and context, but each book has its own content and characters that draw readers in. no two books are the same. I don't usually read many series because I like switching it up, however, in this series each book stands as its own. This series is the perfect option for fans of mystery and suspense, because they can read the entire series (which I suggest doing) or read only one book. The books have unexpected twists and turns, and gives readers true suspense that makes it difficult to put the book down.

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